Weber Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC offers medical consulting to attorneys, insurance professionals, and the general public in Los Angeles, CA. Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, our services include medical reviews, field and telephonic case management, life planning, IME observation, and medical chronology. Translation services are also available to interpret records in English, German, and Igbo.

Our firm offers specific knowledge as well as an international focus that is often not available in other nurse consulting services. If a patient received treatment in other countries, the translation services makes records much more accessible and easier to understand on a faster timeline than if you need to hire translators independently.

A combined background in medical and insurance matters also places this firm ahead especially when handling litigation or making decisions regarding benefits. You may be an attorney with a big case coming up for litigation or an insurance professional with a challenging medical claim. It is also possible that you or a loved one face a life-changing injury and its resultant disability and need to determine a course of action that secures quality of life.

Weber Legal Nurse Consulting is available to help you on all these accounts so you can plan strategy, understand a claim or make informed decisions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

We do IME/DME’s for $500.00 including report.

IME Nurse Training – $500 for a 2 hour class.

We do orthopedic, neurology, psychiatry, dental, spine, and optometry exams.

We also do worker’s compensation deposition preps for clients at $150 per hour and attend depositions for an additional fee.

Please contact us at
Phone Number: 310-227-0375