Field Case Management

Case management may require efforts beyond telephone calls or email. Sometimes, you need a case manager who can travel, visit your doctors, and reach out to other resources that can help you. In field case management, you enjoy this direct interaction. It is a hands-on process for those medical situations that are more complex and require integration of multiple moving parts.

Field Case Management

Weber Legal Nurse Consulting Inc. is available for field case management. Our consultants can meet with you at home, in the hospital, and at doctor appointments. We can monitor progress to make sure your medical approach works and suggest adjustments if you need them. If there are additional resources that can help you, we can make the needed introductions to them as well.

We are available for short term when your challenges are not permanent. However, we can also accommodate longer term needs. We are able to adjust our field case management efforts individually to each patient and their unique medical situation.

Under field case management, patients receive more effective care and family members face less pressure. Rather than attempting to navigate medical options alone, hire a nurse case manager so you can understand your options better.

If you or a loved one could use the assistance of a nurse case manager, contact Weber Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. today. We are located in Los Angeles, CA – serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties and we look forward to providing the assistance you need for securing the best possible care.