Finding Medical Experts

Finding medical experts is not easy for laypeople. You often do not know where to look first as this is often not a task completed with Yelp reviews. Even professionals will find this challenging. A civil litigator whose client has an unfamiliar type of illness of injury may be hard-pressed to find the best medical expert when previous contacts do not have the required knowledge.

Finding Medical ExpertsThat is where laypeople, attorneys, and insurance professionals can benefit from Weber Legal Nurse Consulting Inc. Located in Los Angeles, CA and serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, we offer the network you need to find expertise. Our experts are USC and UCLA trained with others accredited at Princeton, Harvard, and other elite universities. You will not only find an expert who is knowledgeable but also offers credentials that will make it difficult to question them.

Our medical experts offer second opinions, independent medical examinations, and expert testimony, depending on what you require from them. They will write reports and give depositions. When you locate an expert through us, you can do so with confidence that they will offer the background and experience to help your case or clarify a medical issue.

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