IME Observation

California law allows one other person to attend an Independent Medical Exam (IME) with a patient. Defense counsel rely heavily on IMEs in order to dispute the severity of a claim. For plaintiffs, the IME is often intimidating. No matter which side you represent, hiring a nurse for an IME observation is an excellent decision for assuring that the information collected in an IME is useful and correct.

IME Observation

Weber Legal Nurse Consulting Inc. can send a registered nurse to your next IME. Located in Los Angeles, CA, and serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino counties, we can help interpret IME results and comment on the techniques used during the exam.

Our services in IME observation include:

  • Observing patient reactions
  • Documenting conversations
  • Noting tests completed by the patient
  • Comparing observations with the IME report

Sometimes, the IME observation can reveal discrepancies between the report and what actually occurred in the exam. When this happens, our consultant is also available to testify at arbitration or trial. Depending on the differences, there is a likelihood that the presence and testimony of a nurse consultant can work in your favor.

Defense attorneys want reassurance that the plaintiff’s complaints are sincere. Plaintiff’s attorneys want their client’s medical issues taken seriously and represented accurately. Having a nurse observe the IME can meet either of these objectives. To arrange for a IME observation, consult Weber Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. today.